Moku Pruning Saw Moku Pruning Saw Moku Pruning Saw

Moku Pruning Saw



240mm is the perfect sized saw for garden and light tree pruning. Designed to fit snugly within the beechwood scabbard so there's no rattling, and no need for extra straps, the Moku Pruning Saw is ideal for all-round pruning in the garden, woodland and orchard, with its ergonomic handle and medium blade length.

Wooden handled saws are making a comeback in Japan, popular among younger gardeners keen to get back in touch with the craft of their trade. Unfinished beechwood - treat with your preferred oil, or let sweat and hard graft handle it for you.

-SK5 steel blade
-Beechwood handle and scabbard
-Leather belt loop

Made in Japan

24cm (10 teeth per 3cm)