Magnolia Chawan with Sabi-urushi

Magnolia Chawan with Sabi-urushi

Takahashi McGil


This Magnolia Sabi urushi chawan by Takahashi McGil, combines time-honoured Japanese traditions honed in Tokyo with western techniques. Each item has been planed, chiselled waxed or lacquered with great precision and attention to detail. 

Each considered piece celebrates the natural beauty of the material - knots and air-dried cracks included. Urushi is lacquer made from the sap of a tree and makes the wood waterproof as well as adding strength. A chawan is a bowl used for preparing and drinking tea. 

Based in Cockington, Devon, the husband and wife team behind Takahashi McGil create functional homeware and furniture made from a mix of local or sustainable hardwoods.

They both work on the same pieces but Mark is more likely to have done the turning and Kaori will have used the chisels. Regardless of the distribution of labour, the work is beautiful to look at and a delight to handle.

Made in Devon
Approx 10ø x 6.5cm