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Jade Mellor

JM - Basalt hoop earrings

JM - Basalt hoop earrings

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These rock textured earrings are inspired by incredible giant rock formations in Iceland, dry stone wall stacks and the most magnificent, magical natural rock palace; Fingal’s Cave. 

The edges are smoothed so there are no sharp corners and the backside is highly polished to be silky smooth.  

Jade Mellor is a jewellery designer-maker from rural Cheshire, currently based in North London. Jade inherited her love of making from her father, a cabinet maker who converted a Victorian Chapel into the family home, filled with antiques, curios and a museum-worthy collection of tools. Growing up in these unusual surroundings, it is researching in museums and experimenting in workshops where Jade feels most at home.


Available in silver and bronze (with 9CT gold)


Dimensions: 12-5 W mm


Made in UK

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