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Jade Mellor

JM - Caddis large disc pendant silver

JM - Caddis large disc pendant silver

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The Caddis pendant is intended to protect and adorn. It is designed and made by Jade Mellor and inspired by the sculptural cases of the caddisfly, a clever creature known as “nature’s architect”.


Each caddis insect builds its own protective dwelling at the bottom of ponds and streams by gathering their favoured natural materials to build their distinctive structure. Carefully sorted and artfully arranged stones, twigs, or shells are all bound by their own waterproof silk to create the velvety smooth interior.


Jade is fascinated by how these creatures embellish themselves to become one with their environment and uses her research at the Natural History Museum to create this jewellery collection as wearable sculptures.


Each piece is carefully hand finished to make sure each organic texture is always comfortable to wear, finished with a luxurious highly polished interior to smoothly hug the finger.


Jade Mellor is a jewellery designer-maker from rural Cheshire, currently based in North London. Jade inherited her love of making from her father, a cabinet maker who converted a Victorian Chapel into the family home, filled with antiques, curios and a museum-worthy collection of tools. Growing up in these unusual surroundings, it is researching in museums and experimenting in workshops where Jade feels most at home.


Available in Bronze and Silver



Pendant 4 cm |  Chain 66 cm 

Made in UK

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