Cirse Basket Cirse Basket Cirse Basket

Cirse Basket

Hopewood Baskets


Meaning cherry in Old English, the Cirse basket is a contemporary basket inspired by the natural forms of nests and animal shelters, to create a piece that feels familiar yet new. The herringbone rope-coil weave is created by gradually adding more willow every time a piece is woven around the uprights; it is therefore created slowly and mindfully. It showcases the beautiful orange tones of Flanders Red willow; the mossy green tones of Black Maul; and the fresh pinky-green tones of Brittany Greens. The willow is sourced in Devon.

A unique hand-carved piece of cherry wood has been used for the handle. It was created using only hand tools, with the process beginning by splitting and shaping the wood using an axe, then ‘shaving’ pieces of wood off with a drawknife. The handle was then hand-finished with a knife, drilled ready to be attached to the basket and treated with finishing oil.

Made in Worcestershire

Base 36cm x H26cm