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Noe Kuremoto

Dogu Lady 75

Dogu Lady 75

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A stoneware interpretation of ancient clay figurine, Dogu, handmade by Noe Kuremoto. 

*Dogu - mysterious female figurines from prehistoric Japan (14,000-400BC approx). With big eyes, accentuated large breasts and wide hips, they are widely held to be symbols of fertility, a promise of safe delivery for baby and mother, hope for the continuation of life.

Noe Kuremoto is a ceramic artist who makes everything by hand using simple tools. She’s known for playful sculptural work that takes the form of functional wares. Her pieces mix child-like simplicity with contemporary sophistication, and incorporate her background in Fine Art and design with her cultural heritage. She shares the traditional Japanese view that sprits are everywhere, especially in nature – for Noe the truth of our universe can be found in wilderness. 

White stoneware sculpture

Approx H: 40 cm 

A talisman by Noe Kuremoto:

My interpretation of the ancient Dogu*.

A talisman for women.

For the woman who wants a child but fears the risk to her career.

For the woman who stares down the challenge of infertility.

For the woman who pumps every 3 hours to freeze her milk for the nanny.

For the woman who steps up to run the meeting without decent sleep for months.

For the woman who doubts her ability to be a mum.

For the woman who makes more money than her partner and worries how the home will run when her new born arrives.

For the woman who just had a baby and faces the intense, non-stop process of piecing together her new life

For the woman who seeks a second career after her children start school.

For the woman who thought she could return to work after 6 month but isn’t ready to leave her child at the nursery.

All power to you.

I am sending my power to you all.


- Noe Kuremoto

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