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Noe Kuremoto

Haniwa Warrior 60

Haniwa Warrior 60

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An earthenware interpretation of ancient clay figurine, Haniwa, handmade by Noe Kuremoto. 


Haniwa are the traditional clay figures buried with the dead during the Kofun period of Japan, in the belief the Haniwa would protect souls in the afterlife. It is Kuremoto's hope is that this Haniwa will protect our souls in this world.

Noe Kuremoto is a ceramic artist who makes everything by hand using simple tools. She’s known for playful sculptural work that takes the form of functional wares. Her pieces mix child-like simplicity with contemporary sophistication, and incorporate her background in Fine Art and design with her cultural heritage. She shares the traditional Japanese view that sprits are everywhere, especially in nature – for Noe the truth of our universe can be found in wilderness. 


Made in Earthenware


Approx H 48 x W 27 x D 10 cm 


A talisman by Noe Kuremoto:

For you who feel your job kills your soul.
For you who once had a dream that has become dusty over the years.
For you who use your mortgage, your family, your children as your excuse to stay where you are - even though you have so much more to offer.
For you who hear the clock ticking.
For you who do work that makes you ashamed, but the money keeps your head down, your mouth and eyes closed.
For you who are dying for Friday.
For you who grow more bitter every day.
For you who snap over the smallest thing.
For you who do not want to sacrifice your comfortable life.
For you who smile, nod, agree to avoid confrontation.
For you who have a goal in life but are too afraid to voice it out loud (so long as you do not voice it, no one will know you are failing at it).
For you who want to study something new yet never act.
For you who want to quit your job yet never do anything about it.
For you who know you need to move on, who know that means you will need to leave friends behind. It’s too much, too unknown, and so you stay still.
For you who are afraid to be poor.
For you who can’t stop scrolling through old friend’s successes on social media.
For you who stay where your soul feels weak.
For you who can’t help but to compare yourself with people whose lives have nothing to do with yours.
For you who feel like a slave to the world, powerless and hopeless.
For you who want to take on a challenge but can’t get your act together.
For you who are ready to demand the absolute best from yourself and work towards it.
For you who are no longer willing to sell your soul.

We unite. We stand up. We make our spirits stronger together.

All my strength to you.

I salute you.

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