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Iwashi (sardine)

In Japan Setsubun (節分) festival is celebrated the day before the beginning of spring. When Kuremoto was young, she helped her mother make a door decoration called a Hiiragi Iwashi for the festival. Literally translated as ‘holly sardine’, the decoration encompasses a cooked sardine head impaled on a holly branch. Hiiragi Iwashi is intended to keep demons bringing illness at bay.

Putting this strong-smelling decoration on the door of Kuremoto's London house might have been too intense for her neighbours so she made this vase as an alternative.

Noe Kuremoto is a ceramic artist who makes everything by hand using simple tools. She’s known for playful sculptural work that takes the form of functional wares. Her pieces mix child-like simplicity with contemporary sophistication, and incorporate her background in Fine Art and design with her cultural heritage. She shares the traditional Japanese view that sprits are everywhere, especially in nature – for Noe the truth of our universe can be found in wilderness. 

Approx H 34 x W 20 x D 8cm