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Mizuyo Yamashita

Mizuyo Yamashita Crore Vases

Mizuyo Yamashita Crore Vases

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Mizuyo Yamashita studied the history of lifestyle and design in Kyoto and worked in lifestyle shops before moving to London in 2000. She studied ceramics at Kensington & Chelsea College, City Lit and the University of Westminster. Mizuyo began throwing on the potter’s wheel in 2013, working in natural, calm, muted tones. Her inspiration come from her experiences of living in London, and include contemporary art and culture as well as ancient Greek, Minoan and Egyptian pottery. She currently works with seven different types of clay (this number changes all the time), and mixes grains of calcined clay and feldspathic stones as well.

Above all, her work is about play, experimentation and learning.

A group of 7 crore vases

8cm diameter x 17cm H (the tallest in the group) to 6 cm diameter x 8cm H

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