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Tanya McCallin

Orb with Black iron metal glaze

Orb with Black iron metal glaze

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Orb with Black iron metal glaze created by Tanya McCallin, a studio potter based in London.

Simple, elemental and universal, McCallin’s work is made using porcelain, stoneware and earthenware clay bodies. Each stone-like, lithic, vessel has a surface with haptic and aesthetic qualities.

The surface of each piece is either left bare, highly polished or worked with metal oxides and/or glazes.

‘I like the weight, the smell, the damp cold and the ancient, elemental nature of clay, and the idea that with manual dexterity and thought it can be transformed through fire to form a myriad objects, both functional and sculptural, that have narrative, hold memories, be vital and alive.’

Made in London

h13.5cm X  w17.3cm

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