Overflow Necklace Overflow Necklace Overflow Necklace

Overflow Necklace

Emma Aitchison


The Overflow Necklace is a great piece to layer with or wear on its own. The fluid textures on the circular pendant creates a subtle texture to feel and hold.

The Overflow Necklace is inspired by the catastrophic issues we face with changing weather patterns and how we use land. Urbanisation, deforestation and cultivation have all resulted in increased flood frequency and severity. Drains overflow, rivers burst, and land saturates.

The small ripples on this pendant represent this overflowing state and remind us to treat and use the land wisely.

Growing up in the countryside in South West England, Emma developed a firm attachment to nature. After studying jewellery design at university and spending many years working in the industry in London, Emma decided to turn her passion for design and protecting the natural world into a business. Emma has now returned to her roots, settling in Frome.

Product Features:

The Overflow pendant is 15 mm wide
The chain length is 24 cm
Available in 100% Recycled Silver OR Brass (both come on a silver chain)
Made in the UK and hand-finished in our Frome studio
We use natural alternatives to traditional jewellers chemicals
Recyclable and compostable packaging
5% of every sale goes to Survival International