Rainstorm Necklace Rainstorm Necklace

Rainstorm Necklace

Emma Aitchison


The Rainstorm Necklace is a special piece. An Emma Aitchison newcomer, the first of our chunkier styled layering chains.

Each chain link is inspired by heavy dripping rain and is paired with a falling raindrop charm. The Rainstorm will surely become your new go-to piece. It has character, charm and is easy to wear.

This is the perfect modern heirloom chain necklace.

Growing up in the countryside in South West England, Emma developed a firm attachment to nature. After studying jewellery design at university and spending many years working in the industry in London, Emma decided to turn her passion for design and protecting the natural world into a business. Emma has now returned to her roots, settling in Frome.

Product Features:

The Rainfall Bangle measures 9.5mm wide
Features three "Puddle" charms
S-Hook style catch
Available in 100% Recycled Silver OR Brass
The Rainfall Bangle is 10-13mm in width