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Leszek Sikon

Silver Steel Gyuto with bog oak handle

Silver Steel Gyuto with bog oak handle

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Silver Steel Gyuto, a general purpose knife. It is forged from a single piece of Silver Steel with an integral bolster connecting the blade to the handle for the perfect balance. The hammer marks have been left on part of the blade giving insight into the making process and how the material moves under the hammer.

Sikon's knives are made out of high carbon Tools steel, unlike the mass-produced knives. This enables it to stay sharp for much longer. To maintain the knife, clean them by hand with water and a mild dishwasher liquid. After washing, apply a little kitchen oil on the whole length of the blade removing the excess with a paper towel and store in a dry place.

Materials: 1 layer of silver steel with an ancient bog oak handle

Hand-forged: 25h

Size: L33cm (blade 20cm / handle 13cm)

Hand forged in Suffolk


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