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Elaine Bolt

Stone Grey Willow Vessel

Stone Grey Willow Vessel

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A stone grey porcelain vessel thrown on the wheel with an oxide finish and glaze on the interior surface. Willow twigs fed through holes at the rim.

Elaine Bolt works with clay and mixed media to create works and compositions that are informed by a sense of narrative and steeped in the context of the local surroundings. 

This collection comprises a series of unique thrown and hand-formed vessels that cleverly combine porcelain and stoneware with willow and wisteria. Finished in a muted colour palette, all of the pieces echo the hues found in the landscape of the South Downs, from deep flint blacks, through soft grey stony glazes to ghostly chalk tones.

Materials: Porcelain, oxide (exterior) glaze (interior), willow

Made in Brighton 

14 x 9.5cm

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