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Hole & Corner

Issue 21: Restless

Issue 21: Restless

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Hole & Corner 21, is both inspired by, and a result of, an ever-increasing feeling of restlessness.


The past year has given even the most dedicated homebody itchy feet. While we’ve been focusing on life inside our own four walls, we’re also keen to get away. Quite where ‘away’ is, varies from person to person. So we’ve been doing some long-distance travelling, as well as some trips closer to home that still stretch the imagination and trigger a few flagging neurons.


We caught up with Sarah Ryhanen to hear about her life at Worlds End, the New York State farm she’s built with her family, friends and co-workers. Then we couldn’t resist a dip into the sauna culture of Finland, recently identified as worthy of protection on UNESCO’s List of Cultural Heritage. Next stop, an organic cotton seed-to-sew collective, Oshadi, in south India, using ancient recipes to make miracles grow – as nature intended. We talked to seasoned travellers, temporarily stopped in their tracks, about the places they’ve visited – from photographer Cat Vinton’s documentation of an ocean-dwelling community dealing with the real impact of climate change, to Catherine Lock of The New Craftsmen, who talked us through some of the little treasures and curiosities she’s collected on her travels over the years. As always we are grateful to the incredibly talented writers, photographers, artists, and makers who have made this issue possible.


Our own creative restlessness has resulted in a change of look for the magazine. We’d love to hear what you think of it…we’ve played with type, got lost in the photography, added more stories, split it into two parts – a mini journal packed with ideas, conversations, studio visits, travel guides and inspirations –  and wrapped it in a piece of art by George Young. The artist describes it as a ‘joyful painting about the good things we can hope to enjoy’. We love his optimism, and hope you do too.

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