About us

Hole & Corner was launched in May 2013 as a lifestyle brand celebrating and promoting creativity, craftsmanship, heritage and authenticity through digital, print and events. The name is inspired by an old English phrase:

‘Hole-and-Corner: adj, a secret place or a life lived away from the mainstream’

It is about people who spend more time doing than talking, for whom content is more important than style; whose work is their life. It’s about telling stories of dedication.

Hole & Corner magazine is published biannually, dedicated to stories of craft, beauty, passion and skill. It is distributed internationally, with stockists including Do You Read Me?! in Berlin, Athenaeum Niewscentrum in Amsterdam and 300 Barnes & Noble stores in the US.

The online site offers regular news, recommendations and interviews with those who embody the Hole & Corner lifestyle – and offers the opportunity to buy products from our featured makers or join them at live events where you can see their unique skills up close and even try your hand at workshops and learn from the best.

The Hole & Corner Shop was launched in 2019, in Bruton, the creative heart of Somerset. It is a platform for work by emerging and established makers who create timeless, functional products for daily life.

We have chosen to work with makers who encapsulate the Hole & Corner ethos; celebrating creativity, craftsmanship and heritage. This work will be accompanied by a range of smaller gifts and accessories as well as a selection of relevant books including The Story of Tools, our first published book and all past and future publications of Hole & Corner magazine.

Visit us Wednesday-Saturday 10am-5pm | Sunday 11am-4pm. 

But don’t just take our word for it…

Here are some nice things that people we respect have said about us:

‘There’s something very beautiful about the lifestyle it evokes; it’s done with great care and love… it’s a very interesting, timely magazine’
Patrick Burgoyne, editor, Creative Review magazine

‘A really handsome magazine… the people behind Hole & Corner are really interested in finding unique content. I think it’s wonderful’
Ian Birch, former editorial director, Hearst UK

‘A wonderfully reflective title… like a visual version of The New Yorker’
Lisa Markwell, editor, Independent on Sunday

‘As good as anything being put out by the mainstream publishers’
Andrew Tuck, editor, Monocle

‘Hole & Corner is a really meaty, wonderful, well-written magazine’
Francine Lawrence, head of visual journalism, City University

‘A title that takes a quiet, almost nostalgic look at the quieter side of contemporary and traditional artistry’ 

Tyler Brulé, founder, Monocle

‘What sets Hole & Corner apart from other magazines is its warmth and sincerity. It’s not just a magazine about creative, passionate people… it is, itself, creative and passionate’
Steven Gregor, founder, Gym Class magazine

‘A treasure… design-wise and content-wise. You immediately know you have something very precious in your hand when you open it’
Roman Ruska, founder/creative director, Ruska Martín

‘Hole & Corner magazine heads a new genre of publications combining the rich visuals of style magazines with more thoughtful content’
Esquire editorial

‘I love Hole & Corner… there’s a tranquility to all the subjects it specialises in that is very much needed’
Sir Paul Smith

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