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Hole & Corner | Gift Card

Hole & Corner | Gift Card

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A thoughtful last minute gift or a way for your loved one to choose a copy of Hole & Corner and immerse themselves in the world of world of craft, beauty, passion and skill.

Hole & Corner was launched in May 2013 as a lifestyle brand celebrating and promoting creativity, craftsmanship, heritage and authenticity through digital, print and events. The name is inspired by an old English phrase:

‘Hole-and-Corner: adj, a secret place or a life lived away from the mainstream’

It is about people who spend more time doing than talking, for whom content is more important than style; whose work is their life. It’s about telling stories of dedication.

‘What sets Hole & Corner apart from other magazines is its warmth and sincerity. It’s not just a magazine about creative, passionate people… it is, itself, creative and passionate’

Steven Gregor, founder, Gym Class magazine

‘A treasure… design-wise and content-wise. You immediately know you have something very precious in your hand when you open it’
Roman Ruska, founder/creative director, Ruska Martín

‘I love Hole & Corner… there’s a tranquility to all the subjects it specialises in that is very much needed’
Sir Paul Smith

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