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Hole & Corner

Issue 21: Notes

Issue 21: Notes

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For 20 issues, we’ve included a section of notes in Hole & Corner, a space for personal stories, creative writing, thoughts and reflections. As we launch Issue 21: Restless, we think it’s ready now for its own standalone booklet with an identity and voice of its own.


So welcome to an eclectic mix of encounters with makers in studios, personal journeys, conversations, mysterious musicians and a mini travel guide to the best places in the world to drink tea. We hope this gives you a window into some of the places, craftspeople, inspiration and stories that are all part of our H&C world.


Hole & Corner Issue 21, is an issue that is both inspired by, and a result of, an ever-increasing feeling of restlessness. The past year has given even the most dedicated homebody itchy feet.


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